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Maine Roof Restorations is the company that can provide a great option to roof replacement. Roof rejuvenation is not new and has been in existence for several years. With today’s increasing cost of replacing a roof, it is no longer affordable for the average family.

Peak 301 application will provide an extra 6 to 7 years and beyond on your existing roof. Our company is based in Maine, and we understand the importance of protecting Maine’s roofs. Living in a Four Season state, most roofs in Maine are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Our product will provide superior protection against all elements we face here in the state of Maine. We have developed a team of experts that are willing to walk you through the entire process with free estimates. Come see how Maine Roof Restorations can make a big difference on your roof and your wallet.

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Roof Restorations

Maine Roof Restorations is saving Maine roofs one home at a time. In Maine, our roofs take a beating with the harsh 4-season weather we have. So, why not protect or restore your existing roof? Our team of experts will come out at no cost and inspect and provide a Free quote. After the free consultation, we will schedule your appointment with one of our professional applicators.

Peak 301 is an alternative to roof replacement for homeowners with aging asphalt shingles. With one simple application, you can expect to add at least 6 to 10 more years of life to your roof. If your shingles are in decent shape, you can expect a full decade!

The application can also help homeowners with roofs that are only a few years old. In those cases, Peak 301 takes on more of a maintenance role to prevent the effects of aging from happening in the first place while also making the roof look like new again. This all-natural and non-toxic product is safe if you have kids, dogs, landscaping, or gardens to protect.  The formula works its way through every single part of every single shingle to fix the broken chemistry of aged asphalt.

The soybean-based science behind the formula was developed at Iowa State University and is backed by a US Patent. Others will over you a product “made from soybean oil,” but our product is not the same old oil-based approach as the competition. We can apply our product to new roofs for protection or old roofs for renewal.

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